Takotsubo Wall

The data on this table is self-reported by people with takotsubo syndrome (TTS). The mean age of this TTS group is younger than in reported studies, reflecting age groups using internet and social media.

It is difficult to know how many people experience TTS as most cases are not reported in scientific journals or included in databases.  If you have had TTS, please consider filling in the details on this form so that we may build a ‘wall’ with details of people who have experienced TTS to give a representation of how many people around the world experience TTS.  We encourage people from all countries to participate. If you are not English speaking, please fill in the form in your own language.

Your anonymous details provided in the form will be added to the wall. You can access the form by clicking HERE. *Some people are not able to see the gender or age on the form after they have entered their details but don’t worry – it shows up on the form when it is submitted. *

We are aware that some people are not able to use the internet. The form can be completed on behalf of a person with TTS by a family member/friend, doctor or other health worker with the person’s permission.

If your entry has missing or incorrect data please email the missing or corrected data to takotsubo.net@gmail.com. Please include the number that has been assigned to your entry that you will see on the far end of the row on the right hand side of your entry.

The table is interactive so if you would like to view the table according to a certain criteria (initials, year, age etc.), hover over that heading at the top of the table and click the arrow that will appear to the right. You can then press the up or down arrow according to whether you want to view the information is ascending or descending order.

Please check if you have already submitted your details to the Wall. You can do this by scrolling down the ‘Year’ column to see if your details have already been entered. If you get to the bottom and have not seen your year, on the bottom of the right hand screen, you will see that there are further pages. Just click on the next page. If you want to search by any other column, such as ‘Country’,  ‘Age’ etc, on the right hand side of the column title, you will see two tiny red arrows. Just click on them to choose that column in an ascending or descending order.

Please note it may take up to 30 days to update the list after you have submitted the form as the data is entered manually.

Thank you for your patience and also for sharing.

Now up to 696 entries – keep them coming!


Trigger types:

E: Emotional stressor – 280
E(H): Emotional (happy event) – 6
P: Physical stressor – 143
U: Unknown or uncertain –  267 (129 chronic or cumulative stress)