Takotsubo Wall

It is difficult to know how many people experience Takotsubo syndrome (TTS) as most cases are not reported in scientific journals or included in databases. If you have had TTS, please consider filling in the details on this form so that we may build a ‘wall’ with details of people who have experienced TTS to give researchers and clinicians a better idea of how many people around the world do experience TTS.

Your anonymous details provided in the form will be added to the wall. You can access the form by clicking HERE.

We are aware that some people are not able to use the internet. The form can be completed on behalf of a person with TTS by a family member/friend, doctor or other health worker with the person's permission.

Please note it may take up to 30 days to update the list after you have submitted the form.

The data is self-reported by people with TTS.
The mean age of this TTS group is younger than in reported studies, reflecting age groups using internet and social media. We encourage people from all countries to participate.



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Trigger types:
E: Emotional stressor - 130
E(H): Emotional (happy event) - 6
P: Physical stressor - 78
U: Unknown or uncertain - 125 (63 chronic or cumulative stress)

Year Month Initials Gender Age
at TTS
Country Town/City/State Hospital TTS episode
Missing data

SK F 64 South Africa Cape Town Constantiaberg 1 U Background chronic stress
LB F 51 UK Aberdeen, Scotland Aberdeen Royal Infirmary 1 U Emotional and physical stress
DS F 72 UK London St Marys 1 P Coughing fit
DS F 79 UK High Wycombe High Wycombe 2 E Stressful doctor’s visit
MD F 75 USA Peoria, Il. OSF St Francis Medical Centre 2 E Sudden death of brother
MS F 59 USA Ft Dodge Iowa Ft. Dodge Unity Point 2 P Fall at work with illness
MS F USA 1 E Argument with family member
LD F 57 UK Worcester Worcester Royal 1 E Extreme nervousness at singing solo part in choir concert
Background of chronic stress over 20 years
SA F 78 USA Scottsdale, Arizona Mayo Hospital 1 U
Husband's progressing personality change and his dementia diagnosis


F 34 Sweden Stockholm Karolinska Huddinge 1 P
Peripartum haemorrhage during C-section
Background stress for 2 years with severely ill child









September AH F 63 Australia Wagga Wagga NSW Wagga Rural Referral Hospital 1 E 30 year old son with bipolar disorder became violent and smashed everything in in our kitchen, back room, garden and my car.
MB F 44 USA Rockwood TN Roane Medical Center 3 Loss of family.
August CA F 65 UK London Hammersmith 1 Car crash following a very stressful 4 to 5 years and a previously stressful life with 2 other stress related illnesses 
SC F 64 New Zealand Wellington Wellington Hospital 2  P Exhausting work

AK F 56 Finland Varsinais-suomi Tyks 2 U
Heat Stress and son's accident
BF F 61 USA Abilene, Texas  U Background work stress and family disagreements
BG F 58 USA New York, NY Lenox Hill Hospital 1 Corporate politics and pressure
PH F 63 Australia Ballarat, Vic Ballarat  Health Service 1 P
Syncopal episode following 2 days of being unwell.Low K+, Ca++, Mg+. Likely TTS.
SKB F 66 USA Scottsdale, AZ HonourHealth 1 U
Uncertain. Vigorous workout prior.
UC F 65 Australia NSW Bowral District transferred to Liverpool 2 E
Bereavement - mother passed away
VS F 73 USA Imperial, California University of California at San Diego 1 E
Stress over a relative leading to a 911 call
WW F 54 UK Wrexham Wrexham Maelor 1 U
Serious stress at work following major surgery and stroke preceding year.


EB F 43 UK Portsmouth Queen Alexandra 1 U
KM F 62 USA Seattle, WA Swedish Medical Center - Cherry Hill 1 P
Walked steep hill (18% grade) while there for my son and new daughter-in-law's baby shower. Major stress driving in Seattle
CD F 49 Australia Brisbane Greenslopes 1 A high needs child in my classroom had become violent.
LW F 44 UK Portsmouth Queen Alexandra 1 E
Stressful phone call, became anxious and worked up and chest pains started.
SB F 54 USA Erie, PA Hamot 2 U
SB F 65 UK Barnsley Yorkshire Barnsley Hospital 1 E
The death of my lovely elderly neighbour who I was very fond of. I tried to resuscitate her when she collapsed.
XLR F 46 USA Hartford, CT Hartford Hospital 1 U
5 yrs of high stress while on antidepressant. First TTS occurred within 6 mos of being off medication.

JM F 59 USA Fort Worth, Texas Baylor Grapevine 1 E Emotional: not stated
BK F 60 Ireland Dublin Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown 1 U
I put it down to the stress of having had shingles and post shingles pain for the previous three months.
CE F 64 USA Maryville, Tennessee Blount Memorial Hospital 1 E
Death of Spouse
CG F 72 Scotland, UK Aberdeen Aberdeen Royal Infirmary 1 E Death of a loved one
DB F 65 USA Houston, Texas Memorial Herman Hospital 1 E
I told the doctor who was getting ready to give me an occipital nerve injection that I was upset about needing foot reconstruction surgery
JO F 52 UK Southampton Southampton General Hospital 1 U
GJ M 45 UK Ipswich Ipswich Hospital 1 U Culmination of stressful events
LM F 59 New Zealand Auckland North Shore Hospital 1 E
Neighbour's aggressive dog went for me on our property
LM F 66 UK Middlesborough James Cook University Hospital Middlesborough 2 E Speaking in public
LS F 61 USA Missouri City, TX Methodist Sugarland Hospital 1 U
Carrying in flooring in hot, humid weather. Was source of conflict with husband
MB F 72 Australia Brisbane The Prince Charles Hospital 1 E
Family illness
SM F 65 UK London Barts Hospital 1 E Sudden shock being told my six month granddaughter had died
ED F 54 Scotland, UK Glasgow QEUH 1 E (H)
Daughter gave birth day before

AC F 44 USA Paramus, New Jersey Valley Hospital 1 U
LM F 57 USA Kahului Maui Memorial Medical 2 E Argument
CS F 65 UK Middlesbrough/Cleveland James Cook University Hospital 1 U
FF F 61 Scotland, UK Aberdeen Aberdeen Royal Infirmary 1 U
Unknown, although had been unwell with bad cough and cold and went on a trip whilst still ill.
JO F 52 UK Southampton Southampton General 1 U
JC F 74 Australia Wagga Wagga Wagga Wagga Base Hospital 1 U
Nothing specific, neighbour and close friend had a stroke a few days before, blood pressure high. Had palpitations, tachycardia a few weeks before
TSO F 49 USA Neptune, NJ Jersey Shore University Medical Center 2 E
Went downstairs to intervene -father constantly yelling at my mom and recently verbally attacked my husban
MJL F 38 UK Gillingham Medway Maritime Hospital 1 E Had to deliver bad news to a close friend about their child.
DW F 56 UK Cambridge Addenbrookes and Royal Papworth 1 E Best friend's funeral
MS F 62 Ireland Limerick University Hospital 1 P
HO F 57 Australia Sydney Sutherland 1 U Return to work following leave
LG F 64 UK Leicester Glenfield 1 U Background stress
SK F 55 UK Stockport Wythenshawe 1 E
SS F 56 USA Gettysburg PA Gettysburg Hospital 1 U Anniversary of mother’s suicide
Working in heat

KA F 42 UK Poole Poole General 2 U  

Disagreement with neighbour

CH F 70 USA Centennial, Colorado Sky Ridge Medical Center 1 P Shoveling Snow. Background stress of daughter's suicide  2 years earlier
CM F 65 Australia Gold Coast, Qld Gold Coast Private Hospital 1 E Received news a close friend had died
CM F 65 USA Palm Coast Florida Advent 1 U
Moving and laying sod but emotional following 65th birthday due to estrangement from children and wish to tell them she loves them
DN F 76 USA Houston Texas Memorial City 1 P
At doctor's office having an occipital steroid injection and went into cardiac arrest
LG F 59 USA Sun City West AZ Maricopa county Banner Del Webb 2 E
Nephew passed away
Background within 1 month prior:
Friend died.
Husband lost job; adult dog of 14 years got sick and had to be euthanized; father had heart attack in another AZ town, requiring a midnight trip to northern AZ;  results of nuclear stress test came back abnormal.
BC F 71 USA Denton. Tx Tx Health Presby Hosp1 1 U
Cumulative,money issues , several hospital admission for diabetes out of control. Never had been diagnosed with heart problems before.
A F 46 UK Bolton Bolton Royal 1 E Death of father
JB F 52 USA Bethesda, MD Suburban 2 P
Extreme bouts of vertigo caused it both times
LR F 51 USA Muskegon/Michigan Mercy 1 E
Public speaking. Background stress related to  new job, marital stress, emotional abuse.
MD M 45 Portugal Horta Hospital da Horta 1 U
LC F 56 Canada Halifax Halifax Infirmary (Ca) 1 U Background chronic stress
TG F 55 USA Santa Rosa/CA Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital 1 U
Three consecutive events within two months: News of my mother’s Leukemia diagnosis. My son suffered a bad fall and head injury. Loss of our business due to catastrophic floods
February BW F 63 UK Glasgow, Scotland Golden Jubilee 1 E Death of pet (cat hit by car)
JC F 67 Australia Adelaide, SA Royal Adelaide Hospital 1 P
Respiratory arrest, (suffer from severe asthma and emphysema), caused heart failure. Similar episode 2 years prior with normal coronaries.
ED F 65 USA Chapel Hill NC University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (UNC Hospital) 1 E Husband's illness with acute panic attack and hospitalisation
EW F 71 UK Bristol Bristol Royal Infirmary 4 P
MH F 48 Australia Ballarat Ballarat Health Services 1 U
DP F 63 Canada Toronto Toronto General Hospital 1 U May have been related to public speaking (although has done this many time before)
January SC F 59 UK Everard, Cambridge Papworth 1 E Work incident
Background emotional stress as carer
FB F 51 New Zealand Wellington Wellington Regional Hospital 1 E Told by A&E hospital staff my mother was dying.
DJB F 58 Australia Bundaberg, Qld Friendlies Society Hospital 1 P Swimming in the pool
Background of recent extreme emotional stress.
SG F 55 USA Sterling Heights/Michigan/ Macomb Troy Beaumont 1 P Sepsis due to kidney stone
Background death of someone close a month before
JL F 63 UK London Royal Free 1 E Stressed, rushing to work












December VD F 51 UK Liverpool Liverpool Heart and Chest 1 P Triggered by silent pneumonia.
Background of chronic emotional stress
EK F 51 Scotland, UK Dundee Ninewells 1 U
Chronic stress of alcoholic daughter
LP F 23 South Africa Pretoria, Gauteng Netcare Unitas 1 E Husband's illness & death. Did CPR and resuscitated 4 times in 7 hours before I told them DNR
SA F 78 USA Scottsdale/AZ Mayo Hospital 1 U
Husband diagnosed with dementia same year
WJ F 65 Australia Brisbane Redlands Hospital and Princess Alexandra Hospital 1 P
Severe epigastric pain..then seizure...had previously on several occasions..maybe esophageal spasms..pain in stomach not in chest...Long QT syndrome suspected played a part in it..
AS F 54 UK Belfast Ulster Hospital 1 E
Panic attack on background of severe chest infection
TL F 76 Australia Adelaide RAH 1 P
Heat stress
LR F 54 UK West Yorkshire Pinderfields 1 E Death of mother
KA F 42 UK Bournemouth Royal Bournemouth 1 U


CN F 71 UK Frimley/Surre Frimley Park 1 P
Energetic dancing
Background 12 months emotional stress
GW F 60 France Chambery Chambery 1 U Background chronic stress and worry for many years
AS F 46 USA California Kaiser Permanente 1 E
Farm's livestock killed by neighbour's dog
Background chronic stress
CN F 71 UK Frimley Frimley Park 1 P Vigorous dancing after year being totally sedentary.
Background of chronic emotional stress
JC F 60 USA Weston, Florida Cleveland Clinic 1 E Visiting father newly placed in nursing home/holiday stress.
History of chronic stress, depression and atrial fibrillation
TM F 66 Australia Geelong, Vic University Hospital Geelong 1 U Anniversary of mother's death, my first birthday without her, imminent burial of her ashes, doing property work in very hot conditions.
CP F 54 UK Bristol Southmead Hospital 1 E Car broke down on a busy motorway. Fear of high-speed vehicles passing close to car.
November JB F 64 Australia Richmond, Victoria Epworth 1 E Grandson adverse diagnosis
AR F 66 USA Rogers Arkansas Mercy Medical Center 1 E Sudden illness and death of a beloved pet
JK F 66 UK Aylesbury, Bucks Harefield 1 U
Walking dog - background of cumulative stressors
GDL F 63 Belgium Antwerp ZNA Middelheim 2 P Acute diarrhoea and cramps
JP F 60 USA Littleton, CO Littleton Hospital 3 E
IW F 77 UK Wakefield Pindersfields Hospital 1 E
Problems with a family members mental health
SB F 38 USA Fort Worth Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital 1 P Kidney stone pain and nausea.
Background of poorly managed autoimmune disease
CE F 53 NZ Auckland Middlemore Hospital 2 P
Poorly controlled Asthma
Chest infection
VT F 60 Cyprus Limassol, Cyprus Ygeia Polyclinic 1 U Quick walk under stress
KH F 52 UK Ashford, Kent William Harvey 1  P Cycling.
Background undermedictaed thyroid
JM F 62 USA Albuquerque Presbyterian 1 U
Extreme Work Schedule (70 hrs per week for months), Stress Level Peaked, Anxiety
VK F 59 Australia Melbourne Western Private Hospital 1 P
Asthma causing respiratory arrest
Background chronic stress
KK F 48 USA Harker Heights, TX Seton Medical Center 1 U Background work-related stress (teacher)
SB F 56 USA Medford, Oregon Rogue Valley Medical Center 2 E(H) Happy excitement, overwhelming joy over a pregnancy announcement.
October MS F 57 USA Wilmington,


New Hanover Regional Medical Center 2 E Work-related. Unpleasant discussion with boss.
Background of long-term stress and depression
AM F 66 New Zealand Hamilton Waikato 1 E
Got a fright
CB F 65 Canada London, Ontario University Hospital 1 U
Chemotherapy in 2011
Daughter and 2 kids moved in with us for 1 and a half years, after leaving her husband. They moved out a month before my event.
AH F 48 UK Carlisle Cumberland Infirmary 1 U Background of stress build up from PTSD, herniated lumbar discs, loss of business
GG F 58 UK London Royal Berk but did not diagnose
Diagnosed at Royal Brompton
1 U
Emotional stress (not stated whether acute or chronic)
ER F 53 USA Phoenix/Arizona/Maricopa Honor Health 1 U Happened during sleep
JR F 48 UK Barnet Barnet 1 U
Death of mother; daily domestic verbal and physical abuse; relationship breakup; chronic pain; bilateral epidural injections the night before
JT F 65 UK Dudley, West Midlands Russells Hall 1 U

MG F 65 UK Tyneside Freeman Hospital Newcastle. 1 U
Long term stress
MSB F 60 USA Waterloo/Iowa/Blackhawk Allen Memorial Hospital 1 U Nausea, fullness/pressure in my chest/throat and weakness/limpness in my arms.
SK F 53 Australia Birtinya Sunshine Coast University Hospital 2 E
Ongoing excessive work load and ongoing bullying at work and an emotionally stressful work meeting
DS F 68 UK Brighton Royal Sussex County 1 E Confrontation with shoplifters


KL F 55 UK Doncaster Doncaster Royal Infirmary 1 E Argument with the neighbours.
HH F 71 Canada Halifax Halifax Infirmary 1 U Background of severe insomnia, brought on by stopping use of antidepressants
Chronic stress over 25 years, 2 earlier episodes of major depressive disorder
HG F 69 South Africa Port Elizabeth St George’s Hospital 1 E Stress due to missing luggage and missed flight in Johannesburg
MH F 61 UK West Midlands Heartlands 1 U
PG F 69 USA Ft Pierce Lawnwood Regional Medical Center 1 E Death of spouse
CSW F 60 USA Reno, Nevada St Mary’s 1 U
RH F 60 UK Carlisle, Cumbria North Cumbria University Hospital, Carlisle 1 U Severe infection form insect bite
Heat stress
Background cumulative stress
AB M 21 Cyprus Nicosia Apollonio 1 P Physical stressor: Post varicocele operation
GF F 56 USA Norfolk, VA Norfolk Sentra 1 E Argument
PI F 74 Australia Kawana, Qld Sunshine Coast University Hospital 1 U Background of chronic stress and hyperthyroidism due to amiodarone
July DJ F 52 UK Glan Clwyd. Wales Bodelwyddyn, Rhyl 1 P Climbed Snowdon mountain the day before. Background emotional stress.
EH F 64 Iceland Reykjavík Landspitali University Hospital 1 U
Stressful two years (studying as well as working full time). Trying, long trip from Turkey. Performance stress, first time as a tour guide. Marital strain.
SH F 65 UK Truro, Cornwall Treliske, Truro, Cornwall 2 E Relationship stressor
CA F 47 UK London Royal Brompton 1 P
Post surgery - intravenous bolus dose of cyclizine is what triggered the palpitations and chest pain.
GM F 69 UK Liverpool Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital 1 P Episode rapid atrial fibrillation with transient loss of consciousness
DP F 63 UK Chorley, Lancashire Chorley Hospital 1 U Had just attended a public meeting.
FT F 48 UK Bristol Bristol Heart Institute 1 P
Saddle Pulmonary Embolism
JM F 68 UK Kent Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Margate 1 E
Daughter was arrested whilst I had her three children but the police refused to tell me why
Background long-term stress
MS F 48 USA Charleston, SC. Charleston County Trident Hospital 1 P
Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis in January. Spent months working on correct medication dose. I ended up weak and terribly dehydrated prior to my event.
PB F 69 UK London Royal Free 2 E Emotional upset (type not stated)
KB F 59 UK Redditch Alexander Hospital 1 E Death of mother
June PB F 59 UK London Charing Cross Hospital 1 P Thyroid cancer – two surgeries to remove thyroid within 4 weeks. TTS occurred on second surgery.
Background of chronic emotional stress.
PD F 54 USA Troy/New York/Rensselaer Samaritan Hospital 1 E Neighbor close friend 25+ years sudden death from MI had to perform CPR until EMT Arrival
CC F 59 UK Cramlington NSEC 1 E Putting mother into care home/ disagreement with mobile phone company
BF F 58 USA Neptune Jersey Shore Medical 1 P Mowing large lawn
Background stress as husband died unexpectedly 6 months earlier.
PM F 60 UK Telford Princess Royal Hospital 2 E Argument with family member
SM F 65 USA Anderson SC Anderson Admed 1 P
Putting up a pool. Got mad at my husband because he would not come help. He finally came out . worked till I got very hot.
WM F 61 UK Gateshead QE 1 E
Death of mum
MR F 61 Greece Corfu Corfu 1 U


Extreme heat and possibly autoimmune conditions

SH F 65 UK Truro Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust, Treliske, 2 E Discovered partner had been secretly keeping in touch and met with ex fiancé.
AP F 50 Scotland, UK Clydebank, Glasgow Golden Jubilee 1 U
6 hrs prior to TTS onset got CT scan with contrast, also an argument with my daughter.
AJ F 64 UK Wolverhampton New Cross Hospital 1 P Hill walking in extreme heat.
BB F 70 USA Manchester, NH Catholic Medical Center 2 P
Five days of increasing R) chest pain and involved L chest by day 3
KH F 50 USA Atlanta, GA Northside 1 E Verbal attack from coworker


EH F 69 UK Slough Wexham Park 1 E Just flew in from Australia to see Mother in hospital and was discussing her prognosis with her Doctor. Emotional stress of flight and whether I would arrive to see her alive.
LC F 54 UK Exeter Royal Devon & Exeter 1  E A horse came running towards me and the rider was unconscious on the floor. I called an ambulance and stayed for 50 minutes.
AW F 38 Australia Sydney/NSW Norwest Private Hospital 1 P
Exercise - game of soccer


CW F 75 USA Fort Myers, Florida Lee Memorial Hralyh Park 1 P
Walked out of warm restaurant and when I hit cold air outside became very short of breath couldn't walk without help
GB F 68 UK Penistone, Sheffield Sheffield General Infirmary 1 U
KB F 54 USA Bismarck St Alexius 1 E Car accident
MWP F 55 Canada Newmarket Southlake Regional Medical Centre 2 E Emotional upset at work.
Related to long-term harassment by a co-worker.
MJ F 50 UK St. Helens Whiston hospital 1 E Traffic accident
SA F 51 UK Blackpool Blackpool Victoria Hospital 1 E
Long term stress and death of a loved one
UC F 63 Australia Bowral, NSW Bowral District Hospital 1 E Bullying (working as volunteer)
JB F 65 Australia Melbourne, Vic Epworth Richmond 1 U 3 separate family stressors 6 weeks prior ! I was performing on stage when TTS happened (nothing unusual about performing) !
LC F 61 Canada Chatham, Ontario Chatham-Kent Health Alliance 1 U
Death of spouse 1 year prior. Too many things went wrong in that year keeping me in a constant state of high stress.
SB F 72 USA Little Rock/Arkansas/Pulaski St. Vincent's 1 P
Iatrogenic: during Bubble echo at cardiologist office.
January KW F 65 USA Weston St. Clare’s 1 U ? gastrointestinal illness
GS F 59 USA St. Louis Park/Minnesota/Hennipen Methodist 2 E
Work stress...psychological stress...prescribed Zoloft - made me nervous..told the doctor and was prescribed more. Felt like I was going
TS F 64 UK Aberdeen, Scotland Aberdeen Royal Infirmary 1 E Death of father and unexpected death of mother two weeks later on her 64th birthday.
Background chronic stress over brother’s murder 7 years prior
JH F 63 USA Albuquerque/New Mexico/USA Presbyterian Downtown 1 E Death of mother and difficulty executing her final wishes
Background work stress
MJ F 73 USA Greenville, SC St, Francis 1 U
Background: ears of chronic stress caring for my husband who had Parkinson's and dementia. He passed away two years prior to my event.
KT F 68 USA Middleburg Heights, Ohio Cuyahoga County Southwest General 1 U
EA F 69 USA Saint Paul, MN St Joseph's 2 U
Experienced stress due to loss of income after a concussion from a head injury. I was symptomatic from the head injury but it is hard to know if it is the stress or the concussion.
PM F 59 UK Lincoln Lincolnshire County Hospital 1 E Verbal abuse from family member









CS F 73 Sweden Stockholm Danderyds 1 U
DV F 55 Canada Leamington Leamington District Hospital 1 U I was sleeping. upon waking i had a 10 out of 10 headache, but only 2 out of 10 chest pain. numbness in hands send me to emergency.
JH F 61 Australia Melbourne Sunshine Hospital 1 P Episode of severe acute pain while thyrotoxic due to Grave’s Disease
AD F 73 UK London St John & Elizabeth 1 P Acute asthma/increased salbutamol use/thromboembolism
Background emotional stress
KO F 49 Canada British Colombia Royal Columbian 1 U
Background Emotional stress with family and teaching
MF F 68 USA Ravenna, Ohio/Portage UniversityHospital/Portage 1 P Physical exertion in cold temperatures (20' F) and anniversary of death of loved one
AO F 58 Finland Kouvola Päijät Hämeen Keskus Sairaala 1 E
Work related stress
GE F 47 UK Berkshire Wexham Park 1 E Emotional stress: Unspecified
DL F 59 UK Aberdeen Aberdeen Royal Infirmary 1 P Supraventricular tachycardia
TG F 59 Chile Santiago Chile Clinica Alemana 1 P Walking in the hot Atacama Desert at 8000’ elevation just prior. Background history of Sweet's Syndrome, borderline hypothyroidism and Raynaud's Syndrome. Breast Ca diagnosed 1 year post TTS.


KH F 65 USA Spokane, Washington Deaconess Hospital 1 E
Unexpected death of my mom
MN F 60 USA Gainesville, Florida North Florida Regional 1 U Recent neurological symptoms (out of body experience followed by panic attack; numbness in both arms and leg )
AH F 53 Australia Perth Royal Perth Hospital 1 U
Prolonged stress over moving to new home and not being able to sell old home.
KH F 41 Australia Orange/NSW Orange 1 E Emotionally stressful meeting with executives about ongoing excessive workload, stressful situations and lack of support as a teacher in these situations
HH F 57 Canada Toronto St. Michaels 1 E
Cross fit
MH F 76 USA Palm Springs Desert Regional 1 U
October FL F 69 Australia Buderim, Qld Buderim Private 8 P Gastrointestinal illness
HW F 61 UK Portsmouth QA 1 U


CH F 60 Wales, UK Cardiff University Hospital Wales 1 E(H)
It happened during the night after my only daughter’s wedding. A wonderful day. I was very very happy.
LM F 47 UK Wirrall Liverpool Heart and Chest 1  P Physical activity  (sex)
Background of emotional stress
LAP F 59 Portugal Faro Faro 1 P
TW F 59 UK York York District 1 E
Visiting mother's grave a year after her death
August LP F 68 Australia Wantirna, Victoria Knox Private Hospital 1 E Son-in-law’s suicide
RF F 71 Scotland, UK Inverness Raigmore 1 U Had no serious events !but was stressed work ,and caring for my late 90-yr old blind mother ,husband knee replacement
JOC F 60 UK Stevenage Lister 1 U Background stress: 2 days after my 60th birthday party. Stress levels high in the run-up and over working.
MC F 57 UK Swansea Morriston Hospital 1 E Death of pet cat in the road
CC F 54 UK Chesterfield Chesterfield Royal 1 U Increased use of ventolin inhaler due to chest infection
Levothyroxine dose too high
Two stressful events over weekend
Background: Long term stress (care of mother)
EDS F 62 UK Broomfield, Chelmsford 1 U
Heat stress followed by emotional stress
KO F 58 UK Truro, Cornwall Treliske Hospital 1 U
Near drowning experience
EG F 60 USA Santa Rosa, California, USA Sutter 1 P
First triathlon sprint.
GB F 61 UK Gorleston Norfolk James Paget Hospital 1 E
Helping a friends daughter with sudden serious heart attack waiting with her for ambulance
KD F 58 UK Cornwall UK Truro Hospital 1 P Near drowning.
MB F 63 USA Sacramento, California Mercy General 1 U

SC F 57 Australia Brisbane Greenslopes 1 E Witnessed a car accident.
Background emotional stress of workplace bullying
EM F 69 UK Warrington Broad Green, Liverpool (Liverpool Lung & Heart Hospital) 1 E Relationship issues with partner
PB F 68 UK London Royal Free 1 E
Stress and emotional upset
  CM F 67 USA Waukesha, Wisconsin Waukesha Memorial Hospital 1 U
May SI F 52 Australia Townsville Townsville 1 P Boot camp
Background of chronic work-related stress.
ALJ F 36 Wales, UK Cardiff Heath 1 U Accumulation of incorrect medication
child birth and stress
BF F 58 USA Brick Jersey Shore Medical 1 U
Death of spouse 5 months earlier
JW F 58 Australia Taree, NSW Taree 1 P
Significant weight loss
Being in hospital
MAC F 61 UK Norfolk Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital 1 E Returned from work to find beloved husband had died on the sofa several hours before
DS F 62 USA Plano, Texas Doctors office located by Plano Heart Hospital 2 P Physical stress working in the yard
TS F 55 Belgium Brussels Clinique de l'Europe 1 E Anger and disgust at seeing four fully armed soldiers on an underground platform.
Background: general unhappiness about the country, career, work colleagues
KS F 42 USA Greenville, NC Vidant Medical ECU 1 E Found out husband was cheating.
Parents visiting and oldest child graduating from college.
JG F 49 Canada Montreal Hôtel Dieu du CHUM 1 U Diagnosed macro adenoma in 2014
Have diagnostic of H. Pylori in 2016
Had a lot stress the year befor TT
Lost my best friend 3 months exactly when I had TT
Was doing a treatment for the H. Pylori when TT happen and was doing a 14 days treatment but at the 8th day had TT
RH F 46 USA Pascagoula, MS/Jackson County Singing River Hospital 1 P
Under anesthesia for robotic hysterectomy. Heart stopped for about 2 minutes. This was preceded my several years of chronic stress
EP F 34 UK Coventry University Hospital Coventry 1 U
April LT F 67 USA Auburn Auburn Community Hospital 1 U Background of chronic stress due to husband’s illness (traumatic brain injury)
CH F 57 New Zealand Christchurch Christchurch Hospital 1 E
Severe emotional stressors and grief over abuse of grandchildren and fighting govt depts for accountablity
EH F 69 UK Wexham Park Wexham Park Hospital 1 E
Flew in from Western Australia to see my mother who had been admitted. While talking to her doctors about her prognosis I had my TTS event and taken straight to A & E and then admitted.
EL F 61 Canada Vernon B.C. Vernon Jubilee Hospital 1 E Stress brought on by 4 years of bullying at work. Happened following a discussion with an peer who insisted that I had to meet with the bully to do my job properly. Worked as and Infection Control Practitioner in the Hospital I was admitted to.
JW F 63 Switzerland Aarau County Hospital 1 P TTS diagnosed 2 weeks after having pulmonary oedema whilst scuba diving in the Maldives. Unclear if PO triggered TTS or vica versa.
JS F 61 USA Fullerton St Jude Medical 1 E Death of friend
Background of chronic stress and diagnosed with anxiety 10 years prior to TTS.

GDL F 62 Belgium Antwerp ZNA Middelheim 1 P Acute diarrhoea and cramps
HM F 64 UK Middlesbrough James Cook University hospital 1 U Background of ongoing stress caring for a family member
MS F 78 USA Maui Hawaii Maui General Hospital 1 P
Exercise - snorkeling
PC F 53 USA Goodyear, AZ Abrazo West 1 U
Stress: type not stated
TC F 51 UK Camberwell, London Kings College Hospital 1 E Marriage breakdown

AL F 55 Australia Toowoomba St. Andrews 1 P
Exhaustion ( CFS ) , heat stress whilst on a paddle board in the water.
PB F 62 Canada Victoria BC Jubilee Hospital 1 E Death of pet dog
PP F 58 USA Portland, Maine Maine Medical Center 1 E
Work-induced stress
JP F 58 USA Englewood, CO Swedish Medical 1 U
Financial stress, difficult living situation
SC F 46 UK Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Cheltenham General Hospital 1 E Attending court hearing.
Background long term emotional stress.
January LGW F 55 UK Leeds Leeds General Infirmary 1 E Family problems and stressful situation at work leading to cardiac arrest at work.








JC F 69 USA St. Joseph, Michigan Lakeland Healthcare 1 P Respiratory failure
EB F 73 USA Massachusetts Lahey 1 P Surgical stress: Surgery abandoned due to broncial spasm
LG F 57 USA Prescott AZ, Yavapai County Yavapai Regional Medical Center West 1 U
Long-term stress. Nervous breakdown 2 years prior. Friend died a month before.
CE F * NZ Auckland Middlemore hospital 1 P
Background work stress
November SG F 63 UK Hull Castle Hill 1 P Physical stressor: Walking fast from a shop for milk back to church.
RB F 47 USA Kingwood, Tx Kingwood Medical Center 1 U
DD F 56 USA Brooklyn, NY Methodist Hospital 2 E Death of family member and Argument with boyfriend
FL F 68 Australia Buderim, Qld Buderim Private Hospital 7 P Post operative
September SF F 57 UK Ysbyty Gwynedd Bangor, Wales 1 E Discussing a book at book club/ and it brought back very sad memories/spoke about memories
RD F 46 Scotland, UK Aberdeen Aberdeen Royal Infirmary 1 U
Scuba diving Farne Islands. Got distressed due to bad current.
JW F 58 UK Bath Royal United Hospital 1 E
A disagreement with my manager. She was expecting me to work in an unsafe location.
PBG F 51 Canada Halifax, Nova Scotia Queen Elizabeth II 1 P Colonoscopy 2 days before my TTS
Background chronic work stress
TS F 48 Canada Winnipeg Concordia General Hospital 1 P Post chemotherapy. Bacterial infection spinal fluid causing seizures and coma for a week.
AB F 56 UK Exeter Wonford 1 U Stress for previous 12 months due to family breakdown

SB F 46 USA Leesville,La, Vernon Byrd Regional Hospital 1 E
Stress induced
PC F 66 Canada Ottowa Ottowa Heart Institute 1   Occurred after taking dog for a walk

RM F 60 UK Leicester Glenfield 1 U
LR F 62 UK Bolton/Lancashire Bolton 2 E Neighbour's verbal abuse.
RB F 54 UK London Royal Free Hospital 1 E
Horrible conversation with carer giving assistance at home
Background 6 month emotional & physical stress after mother diagnosed with dementia
May AS F 60 USA Glen Spey, NY, Sullivan ORMC 1  E EMT in ambulance treating a patient having an MI
  DS F 61 USA Sulphur Springs, Texas Hopkins County Memorial (now Christus Mother Francis) 1 U
Longstanding emotional stress
April HH F 67 USA Seattle Swedish Health Services 1 P Dehydration/exercise

JS F 69 UK Blackpool Blackpool 1 U Background: Long term emotional stress
SK F 51 Australia Nambour Nambour General Hospital 1 P/?E
As a result of physical confrontation I was required to physically restrain someone.
LS F 52 USA Orlando Dr. Phillips 1 E Argument with relative







December RW F 61 USA Roseville, California Sutter Roseville Hospital 1 P Physical stressor: Spin Cycling
JP F 71 Australia Newcastle John Hunter 3 E (H) Grandson's wedding day, my own 52nd wedding anniversary – happy.

My 3 TTS all 7am events.

Family events trigger long-standing complex disenfranchised grief.

BD F 62 USA Akron, OH Summa 1 U Background long-term emotional stress

LAP F 59 Portugal Faro Faro 1
MH F 6? UK Ipswich Ipswich 1 E Sudden death of spouse

JV F 72 UK Kettering, Northamptonshire Kettering General Hospital 1 E (H)
aA F 63 Greece Ioannina General Hospital Ioannina 1 E (H) Reunion with dear elderly relative not seen in 30 years.
Background: Death of spouse 8 months earlier.

DD F 59 UK Carlisle Cumberland Infirmary 1 E Sudden death of healthy husband
LM F 62 UK Warwickshire Alexandra Hospital Redditch 1 E
Heated discussion with tree surgeon. Background work stress.
SB F 50 USA Erie, PA Hamot 1 E
Death of sister
SC F 60 New Zealand Wellington Lower Hutt 1 E Argument with manager at work

DG F 44 UK Lincoln Lincoln 1 E
At funeral for neighbour. Background Chronic stress.
HK F 47 Sweden Stockholm Danderyds Sjukhus 1 U Long stress and heartache
May PN F 87 USA Wenatchee /WA/Chelan Central Washington Hosp 1 U

CN F 58 USA Marion, Indiana Marion General Hospital 1 U
Immediately preceding TTS had ear infection treated with 2 different antiobotics that resulted in C-difficile
VG F 63 USA Oceanside CA Tri City Hospital 1 U Stress of living situation hated the house I was living in

TS F 52 USA Carson City Carson Tahoe 1 U Stressed post sinus surgery.
BH F 45 USA Wisconsin Forsyth Medical Center 1 U Background: stress at work and my son about to graduate high school and travel to South America for 2 months
February EH F 67 UK London St. George’s 1 P Occurred after swimming.
January CH F 43 USA Broolsville, Florida Bayfront Health Brooksville 1 U









Not stated LD F 57 UK Worcester Worcester Royal 1 E Extreme nervousness at singing solo part in choir concert
Background of chronic stress over 20 years

SB F 52 USA Medford, Oregon Rogue Valley Medical Center 1 E Stressful holiday meal with estranged brother two days prior
TC F 54 UK Christchurch Bournemouth 1 U
Emotional and physical stress (no event stated)

EC M 59 UK Watford Watford General Hospital 1 U Background history of 30+yrs M.E.
JMB F 54 UK Birmingham Queen Elizabeth Hospital 1 U
Long term Depression and family stress
KM F 39 USA Kingwood Kingwood Medical 1 U
Background Work/life stress

MG F 70 UK Greenock Inverclyde Royal 1  E Bullying political behaviour during a referendum.
Background emotional stress due to neighbour's antisocial behaviou
KC F 55 UK Grimsby Diana Princess of Wales, Grimsby 1 E Family argument
June TSO F 44 USA Orlando, Fl Dr Phillip's Hospital 1 E Argument with brother while on vacation at Disney
May CD F 60 UK Coventry University Hospital Coventry 1 E
Immediately preceding the event, an emotional conversation with a friend regarding some unpleasantness of which we had both been on the receiving end.
April SV F 68 UK Coventry/Warwickshire University Hospital Coventry 1 P Post-op gall bladder removal. Now has AF.

BS F 57 UK Oxford/oxfordshire John Radcliffe 1  U
VC F 56 USA Santa Cruz Dominican Hospital 1 P
Severe kidney and bladder infections. Kidney stones. Emergency stent surgery. Background stressful living situation.
January FL F 65 Australia Epping, Victoria Northern Hospital 6 U









October KK F 49 USA Reno NV Renown 1 Fighting for inclusion for son
September DP F 63 UK Truro, Cornwall Royal Cornwall hospital 1  U Long-standing (30 years) grief over son over losing son
August LF F 68 UK London Royal Brompton 2 E Loss of son through estrangement
June JY F 58 Israel Tel Aviv Ichilov 1 P Rapid atrial fibrillation







December SK F 65 South Africa Capre Town Vincent Palloti 1  U Chronic stress/anxiety
October KT F 66 USA Marquette, MI Marquette General Hospital 1  P Dancing and couldn't catch my breath at all. Rested for a bit and seemed fine. Event onset occurred about 2-3 hours later. Background stress.
August DW F 48 USA Highland Park Evanston 1 U Chronic Emotional Stress
July JZ F 75 USA Northbrook Evanston 1 U Chronic Emotional Stress

AL F 54 UK Sheffield Northern General 1 U Background pf bladder infection and increased workload.
LP F 47 USA Madison, Il Alton Memorial 1 U
May GH F 51 USA Harker Heights, Texas Bell County Seton Harker Heights 2 U
February VM F 51 Australia Sydney, NSW Liverpool Hospital 1 E
Workplace bullying








August JP F 54 USA Littleton, CO Littleton Hospital 1  U
July LM F 49 USA Orlando Health Central Florida Hospital 1 E Upset over unprovoked negative verbal exchange
June GS M 65 USA Ann Arbor University of Michigan 1 E Stressful event
April AS F 54 UK Bristol Bristol Heart Institute 1  U Breakdown of relationship and work stress
March FL F 61 Australia Ringwood, Vic Maroondah Hospital 5 P Small bowel obstruction
BB F 62 USA Lancaster, NH Weeks Medical Center 1 P
Excruciating abdominal pain caused by un-diagnosed abdominal angina


JA F 50 UK Glasgow Golden Jubilee 1  U Financial stress , also had a bad slip on black ice 7 hours before event
October JM F 50 Australia Burnie, Tasmania North West Regional Hospital 1 E
TTS occurred directly after stressful work meeting. On Pristiq, Desvenlafaxine.
July KM F 48 UK Ayrshire, Scotland Cross House Hospital 1 E Sudden death pet (dog who was best friend)
June LB F 51 UK Aberdeen Scotland Aberdeen Royal Infirmary 1  P Outdoor climbing
Background emotional stress leading up to the event









MWP F 47 Canada Newmarket Southlake Regional Health Centre 1 E Death of cat
LM F 41 UK Aberdeen Aberdeen Royal Infirmary 1 E
Missing child







March DD F 48 USA Brooklyn, NY Long Island College Hospital (LICH) 1  U I do not know what caused TTS. But I had just loss my job and was very depressed
February CP F 57 USA Nashville, TN Centennial Medical Center 1 U Background: Work stress and physical demands at home






















March FL F 57 Australia Ringwood, Vic Maroondah Hospital 5 U  









December KE F 47 UK Maidstone, Kent Maidstone 1 E Argument with neighbour
March FL F 56 Australia Epping, Vic Northern Hospital 3 U Stress caring for newborn and mother
2003 June SG F 51 UK Dorset Bournemouth 1 U Multiple stresses 4 deaths of close relatives all under 50 years of age in previous year. Carer for Mother, ongoing family issues
JC F 51 UK Stafford Rowley 1 P
Diving accident
2001 September JP F 57 Australia Sydney, Australia Royal North Shore 2 U No specific event, ongoing daily stressful work and personal issues
1999 September FL F 51 Australia Knox, Vic Knox Hospital 2 P Illness
1999 June FL F 51 Australia Malvern, Vic Cabrini Hospital 1 P Post operation
1994 April JP F 49 Australia Sydney, NSW Westmead 1 U No specific event, but ongoing daily stressful work, family and personal issues